Marjomäki Varpu, Lecturer

Marjomäki Varpu, Lecturer
YAC 216.3


  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • Enteroviruses cause serious outbreaks especially among children but they also contribute to the onset of chronic diseases such as type I diabetes and atheroslcerosis. According to our previous studies the enterovirus group B viruses use their own entry pathway: enteroviruses internalize through a macropinocytic like uptake and accumulate in neutral multivesicular structures from where their genome is released to the cytoplasm for efficient replication. The ambient conditions inside the endosomes that would promote the uncoating of these viruses or the release of their genome to the cytoplasm is still unknown. These details are important to elucidate in order to designe anti-viral drugs to combat acute and chronic infections. We use confocal and electron microsocpy methods, various cell and molecular biology approaches as well as proteomics and high-throughput methods to find and study the host cell proteins and small molecules that are involved in enterovirus entry. We also develop various multifuncational probes against the capsid, hydrophobic pocket and the genome to visualize and monitor the virus in live cells in addition to the ambient biochemical conditions in endosomes.
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