Syrjänen Jukka, Postdoctoral Researcher

Natural Resources and Environment
YAC 322.2


  • Sampling methods in fish biology and river restoration


  • Research interests: Reproduction ecology of brown trout, redd counting method and spawning stock estimation, parr production related to egg density, migrations of trout in lakes and small streams, success of egg, parr and smolt stockings, migration obstacles in small streams, egg incubation experiments, prey use of salmonid parr, and the impacts of channel restoration on river channels and fish stocks.
  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • I monitor the condition of threatened migratory salmonid stocks and the success of management actions, and compare the stocks and management in Finland and Sweden. I produce information to fishery administrations and the society to support these to do rational fish stock management.
  • More information: I also work in Konnevesi Fisheries Research Society.