Taskinen Jouni, Professor

Natural Resources and Environment
Taskinen Jouni, Professor
YAC 315.2


  • Parasitology classes (e.g. Parasites and diseases of aquatic organisms, Ecological and evolutionary parasitology)


  • Research interests: In my research I'm focusing on (1) Aquatic parasitology, including control of fish parasites harming aquaculture and fisheries, interaction between parasite virulence, range of distribution and climate warming, and the role of parasites in biological invasions (enemy release hypothesis), and on (2) Freshwater mussels, including conservation ecology and genetics of endangered mussel species. 
  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • We are studying aquatic parasites and diseases. Our results will help to prevent or mitigate the problems caused by fish parasites and diseases to fisheries and fish farm industry. The results improve our understanding of the host-parasite interaction, evolution of parasite virulence and the role of parasites in ecosystems.
  • More information
    • Personal website
    • Research group
    • New EU-Kolarctic project "Salmonid Fish and Freshwater Pearl Mussel– Riverine Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in the Green Belt of Fennoscandia" will start in 2018, providing for example MSc thesis opportunities.