Tupala Anna-Kaisa, Doctoral Student

Natural Resources and Environment
YAC 423.2

In my core interest is to combine ecological offset research to social science methods. Since ecological offsetting has been largely in controversial discussion I aim to bring a new multidisciplinary point of view into dialogue: citizens values, attitude and motivation are in my focus. My background is in environmental science and already there I wanted to enlarge my understanding towards political and societal questions.

Why and to whom my research is important

National and global environmental problems are not solved only by natural scientists but we need also understanding of people’s motivation and policy making. Environmental problems are more in the public discussion due to globalisation. Individuals new political roles as environmental citizen, political consumer or actor in life(style) politics are interesting also for environmental scientist. I hope biodiversity loss can be stopped when there are studies explaining citizens’ new roles and motivation.

More info

Katoava luonto -projekti www.jyu.fi/katoavaluonto

JYU WISDOM www.jyu.fi/wisdom