Vähätalo Anssi, Senior Lecturer

Natural Resources and Environment
Vähätalo Anssi, Senior Lecturer
YAC 116.1


  • Metals in the environment and their ecotoxicology
  • Basics of Environmental Protection
  • B.Sc. Seminars
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Water and water systems
  • Environmental monitoring and risk assessment
  • Aquatic optics
  • Introduction to Ecotoxicology
  • Humans and the Environment
  • Energy and matter in the environment and societies
  • Research methods for natural resources and environment 1


  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • Dissolved organic matter, biogeochemistry, aquatic photochemistry, aquatic optics, ornithology, interaction of iron with organic matter
  • Research projects: Big River-project, biogeochemistry of sea ice, iron, dissolved organic matter, behavioral responses of birds to climate change