Ylänne Jari, Professor

Ylänne Jari, Professor
YAC 241


  • Cell and molecular biology


  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • It has been recently discovered that cells sense the mechanical properties of their surroundings in order to form three-dimensional tissues. This mechano-signaling includes actin cytoskeleton-linked force sensors that trigger further signaling events. My group has identified the structural mechanism how the actin crosslinking protein filamin can act as a force sensor by exposing cryptic binding sites. Using Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism we have now for the first time shown that the force sensor structure in filamin is essential for morphogenetic processes during oogenesis. Our current focus is to characterize  the mechanically regulated signalling pathways downstream of filamin.The study is expected to be relevant for the understanding of tissue development in general and the diseases associated with rare human filamin mutations.
  • More information: Research group: Cell Adhesion and Cytoskeleton Dynamics