Ylönen Hannu, Station Director, Professor

Konnevesi Research Station, Natural Resources and Environment
Ylönen Hannu, Station Director, Professor
YAA 202.2



  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • Reproductive investment and behavior in fluctuating risk environment form core questions in ecology and evolutionary biology.  My research concentrates on predator-prey interaction and fear effects between predator and prey and fear signal transfer between prey individuals. The scene of my research is the boreal vole cycle and climate change, actors are voles and weasels.
  • Research interests: I am interested in mammalian ecology and behavioural ecology in general. In our experimental research we use bank vole, a common small mammal across northern-boreal and temperate forests and its main predator the least weasel as model system. We have been studying various aspects of life history, reproduction and adaptations in the bank vole, predator-prey interactions being important currently.
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