Lessons about life

Year after year the Department of Biological and Environmental Science welcomes an increasingly large and diverse group of international students and researchers to its community. The state of our common planet makes studying biological and environmental sciences important and meaningful. Due to global environmental problems caused by human population growth and decrease in natural resources, there is a growing need for specialists in the field.

Studies in biology provide students with the ability to understand different phenomena of life comprehensively, from interaction between molecules to the functioning of ecosystems. We offer diverse and comprehensive ways of studying: theories are examined on lectures and then connected to observations and research results with the help of research methods. Real life is examined in laboratories but also in nature. We offer undergraduate programmes in biosciences and natural resource and environment. On Master's degree level you can specialise in ecology and evolutionary biology, aquatic sciences, cell and molecular biology or environmental science. A Master’s degree prepares you for doctoral studies and an academic career.

Master’s Degree Programme in Biological and Environmental Sciences

Our department, as well as the faculty, is highly international. All of our research groups operate on an international level and their working language is English. Our department offers an international Master’s Degree Programme in Biological and Environmental Sciences, which is taught completely in English. The programme combines two focus areas: sustainable management of inland aquatic resources, and ecology and evolutionary biology. Surrounded by lakes and forest in the idyllic landscape of central Finland, we are in an ideal position to combine field work in natural environments with laboratory and theoretical studies.