Group members

Group leader

  • University Teacher Saara Kaski has LIBS in a vacuum ultraviolet spectral range since year 2001 in analysis of rocks. Currently Saara Kaski is full-time teacher and in addition a consortium leader for LaseREE project and a consortium sub-project leader for Laser-In-Situ, both funded by Academy of Finland.

Senior Academic Staff 

  •  Laboratory Engineer Heikki Häkkänen has a long experience in the application of innovative experimental setups for material analysis and characterization. For example, the research of paper coatings using fluorescence and LIBS has been pioneer work in spatial elemental analysis using µLIBS.  He has been involved in on-demand research projects together with paper industry and research institutes. Heikki Häkkänen is a consortium sub-project leader for LaseREE  funded by Academy of Finland

Postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students

  • M.Sc. (Geology) Sari Romppanen is an skilled geologist, who is now extending her knowledge to the field of chemistry. In year 2020 she will defend her thesis of laser spectroscopic analysis on rocks and minerals.