The X-ray Diffraction Facility


The X-ray Diffraction Facility (XRDF) of the Chemistry Department is a shared facility housed both in the Chemistry Department and in the Nanoscience Center. The facility's hardware, four single crystal diffractometers and one powder diffractometer, situated in two laboratories, enables a very broad range structural chemistry and nanoscience solid-state research. The XRDF, one of the three core research infrastructure facilities of the Chemistry Department, with wide range of structural chemistry and nanoscience research involving the use of X-rays is conducted here.

Groups using the facilty:

  • Dr. Matti Haukka
  • Dr. Juhani Huuskonen
  • Dr. Jari Konu
  • Dr. Manu Lahtinen
  • Dr. Maija Nissinen
  • Dr. Petri Pihko
  • Dr. Kari Rissanen
  • Dr. Elina Sievänen
  • Dr. Heikki M. Tuononen

Using our facilities

We serve industry with our state-of-the-art equipped laboratories, where our well-trained personnel use strong scientific knowledge. The X-ray Diffraction Facility offers research and collaboration opportunities to scientists and access is provided to world-class X-ray diffraction research facilities.