Research Topics

Our research group’s activities are mainly focused on circular economy: utilization of various waste streams as secondary sources for critical and valuable materials. As a result, we develop innovative process technologies, applicable for industrial uses. Currently, the most interesting raw material sources are waste electrical and electronic equipments (WEEE), sewage sludge, and power plant fly ash.

Learn more about our recent projects below!

SERRA project

DSC_6805.jpgIn the SERRA project, a modular approach in handling heterogeneous WEEE is being developed. First, WEEE is graded in order to find more valuable parts, such as PCBs and hard drive magnets. The recovery process is based on hydrometallurgy coupled with electro winning, and modern metal scavenger technologies. The developed process produces Au, Ag, Pd, Cu, and Pt at very high purities, and rare earth metals (REMs) as oxides. The method also has very high recovery rates. This project started in June 2017 and is funded by The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra.

3D printing project

Funded by the Centennial foundation of Technology Industries of Finland and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, the 3D printing project seeks to develop innovative collector materials, for example for the recovery of valuable elements from waste streams. The project started in February 2017, and with several new 3D printers, the team is already now had some excellent results with several publications. This project is conducted in collaboration with professors Matti Haukka and Kari Rissanen.

INKI project

DSC_6838.jpgInnovative Circular Economy –project is focused on sewage sludge and wastewater as resources for critical materials, such as phosphorus and rare earth metals. One of the goals of the project is also to analyze possibly harmful nanoparticles present in sewage sludge and wastewaters. The project started in August 2016 and was launched with the purchase of state-of-the-art ICP-MS instrument NexION 350D, hyphenated with HPLC. The project is funded by the Regional Council of Central Finland and the European Union.