Senior Lecturer Jari Konu

My research interests are in the general area of main group chemistry (especially Jari+Konu.JPGchalcogens) with a view to generate new and innovative main group compounds in a variety of ligand environments and to create novel ligands with main group elements for functionalization. Utilization of inorganic ligands is explored to seek for unusual reactivity, novel bonding and unique electronic, optical and magnetic properties. These properties are also assessed in the context of potential applicability, for example, in materials science.

The research involves air- and moisture sensitive synthesis and structural studies supported by characterization techniques such as multinuclear and dynamic NMR, IR/Raman, EPR and UV-Vis spectroscopies as well as X-ray crystallography and modern computational analysis. 

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Scientific interests

For detailed information, please see our research pages and my list of publications.

  • multidentate chalcogen-centered ligands – semiconducting metal chalcogenides
  • stable main group radicals – unusual reactivity, novel bonding and unique properties
  • hybrid nonlinear optical materials

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Office: YE510 (Ylistönrinne campus)

Address: Department of Chemistry, P.O. Box 35, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND 

Tel. (office): +358-40-805-4406

Tel. (mobile): +358-40-041-4284