Structural and Synthetic Chemistry

Structural and synthetic chemistry has been one of the cornerstones of the Department of Chemistry since its establishment.

Structural chemistry is not only an essential part of the characterization of the synthetic products, but an important independent field of the research at the Department. Structural chemistry research includes topics such as gas phase supramolecular chemistry, solid state chemistry of supramolecular and nanoassemblies, small molecule crystallography and NMR spectroscopy and macromolecular NMR spectroscopy.

The synthetic chemistry research concentrates on the total synthesis of natural products and biologically or medicinally interesting compounds, synthetic supramolecular and nanochemistry and synthesis of inorganic and organometallic compounds. Catalysis, method development and elucidation of reaction mechanisms are essential parts of the research.

Our research infrastructure and synthetic laboratories are constantly updated with instruments and facilities well suited for high-level research. We have a broad array of experimental tools, including NMR and mass spectrometry laboratories, X-ray crystallography laboratories at the Department of Chemistry and Nanoscience Center and thermal analysis laboratory. State-of-the-art computational and theoretical approaches are used to model the systems under study as well as to predict the existence of new ones.

The research groups are involved in numerous academic and industrial cooperative projects both at the national and international levels. Structural and synthetic chemistry groups are also strongly connected with the activities of the Nanoscience Center.

Academic staff

Senior researchers