Research interests

Breakthroughs in synthetic chemistry and characterization techniques of 1-3 nanometer atomic precise clusters covered by a monolayer of organic molecules have made the manipulation of gold nanoparticles with atomic and molecular precision possible over the last decade. Ability to sense the environment, understand and control molecules and matter in the nanoscale, can be introduced to the nanostructures by chemically modifying nanostructure surfaces with suitable molecules. In materials science there is a need for well-defined self assembled structures and new functionalities. This requires mastering the size and structural uniformities of the building blocks, as well as the complex interplay of competing interactions.


  • Prof. Hannu Häkkinen: Computational chemistry, nanoclusters
  • Dr. Varpu Marjomäki: Virus Entry and Regulation of Membrane Traffic
  • Dr. Jussi Toppari: Molecular Electronics and Plasmonics
  • Prof. Mika Pettersson: Optical spectroscopy
  • Prof. Maija Nissinen: Synthetic and Structural Nanochemistry
  • Prof. Kari Rissanen: The Supramolecular Chemistry


  • Supervisor: University lecturer Tanja Lahtinen
  • Doctoral students:
    M.Sc. Ville Saarnio
    M.Sc. Karolina Sokolowska
  • M.Sc. Student:
    Jenna Aalto


Selected publications

Publication 1

T. Lahtinen, E. Hulkko, K. Sokołowska, T.-R. Tero, V. Saarnio, J. Lindgren, M. Pettersson, H. Häkkinen and L. Lehtovaara, Covalently linked multimers of gold nanoclusters Au102(p-MBA)44 and Au~250(p-MBA)n, Nanoscale, 2016, 8 (44), 18665- 18674. 

Publication 2

Nonappa, T. Lahtinen, J. Haataja, T.-R. Tero, H. Häkkinen, O. Ikkala. Template-free supracolloidal self-assembly of atomically precise gold nanoclusters: From 2D colloidal crystals to spherical capsids, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 16035–16038. 

Publication 3

V. Marjomäki, T. Lahtinen, M. Martikainen, J. Koivisto, S. Malola, K. Salorinne, M. Pettersson, H. Häkkinen, Site-specific targeting of enterovirus capsid by functionalized monodisperse gold nanoclusters, PNAS, 2014, 1277–1281.

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