The right kind of chemistry

Respond to the challenges created by the society and environmental changes by studying chemistry!


The inspiring and communal environment and the programme that combines theory and practice will rivet you to our professional community of chemists. Chemistry teaching, research and industry are in constant need of new professionals. Whether you are interested in the environment, renewable energy, medicine, electronics or education, studying chemistry will guide you among fascinating phenomena. Only your interest is the limit!

Communal studying

Common studies form the basis of the chemistry studies during the two-three years. Teaching focuses on inorganic and analytical, physical, organic chemistry and nanoscience. It is also possible to study chemistry education. At Master's Degree level students can specialize in Structural and Synthetic Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Computational chemistry, Renewable Natural Resources and Chemistry of the Living Environment, Chemistry Teacher Education or Nanoscience. In addition to lectures and exams, our studies include laboratory work, calculation practice in small groups and seminars, so our students do not have to plod through their studies alone.  A Master’s Degree prepares you for doctoral studies and an academic career.

Master’s Degree Programme in Nanoscience

Our department, as well as the faculty, is highly international. All of our research groups operate on an international level and their working language is English. Our department are involved a unique Master’s Degree Programme in Nanoscience. If you are interested in natural sciences in a broad sense and you want to be a part of fascinating development of nanoscience either in academia or industry, then the Master’s Degree Programme in Nanoscience may be a way to your future career. You gather multidisciplinary know-how in the field of physics, chemistry, and biology.