Competence and vision in various fields

Students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science are experts in science and mathematics. You have a wonderful chance to recruit our best students as interns, to work in various projects, or to write theses. Students will make a real difference in your business. Please fill out the form to find students. We will contact you as soon as possible! 

Internships and work experiences

In addition to their valuable contribution at work, interns bring new ideas, the latest know-how and knowledge of the content and quality of modern education and research. Hiring an intern enables the employer to implement new ideas and venture into new territories with little risk. It is also an easy way to recruit the experts of the future. As an employer offering an internship position, you have the opportunity to negotiate financial support with the Faculty. Depending on the duration of the internship, the financial support may consist of, for example, one month’s salary paid by the Department afterwards.

Theses and projects

Working together on a thesis about your organisation gives you professional input and high-quality research data you can use to improve your operations. Our students will be able to use their full academic training and resources to handle any given task. The Master’s thesis is the final step towards graduation, and it is most often completed over the course of half a year to a full year. It develops the student’s skills in independent research and critical evaluation of the given data. It also requires producing new information and applying existing information on the basis of the chosen research questions.