Research collaboration

One of the main tasks of university is to educate experts with the skills and attitude to solve the problems of a constantly changing business environment. The broad foundation of scientific research at our university builds solid possibilities for interdisciplinary collaboration. Enhancing collaboration between different parties benefits not only organisations and universities, but students and the society as well.


The Faculty of Mathematics and Science is a research unit and our results are directed to the international scientific community. We value social participation and influence, so we direct our research results to political decision-makers, business life and other stakeholders as well. Science and its results belong to everyone and through science we can change our society and find solutions to the problems that harm our quality of life.

In addition to basic research, we are engaged in applied research as well as research commissioned by our partners and sectoral research, including research reports. We also actively popularise our research results. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us with an online form or search for individual specialists or research areas in the University of Jyväskylä. The data is provided by TUTKA research database. You can also search for publications at the JYX digital archive.

Commissioned research

We collaborate with organizations by conducting commissioned research. Commissioned research is conducted in the departments and the research centers in cooperation with both small and large organizations from various fields. The collaboration may only mean a short consultation or a project lasting for several years. The aim of collaboration is to enhance the competitiveness and well-being of the Finnish society. A research project always takes some time, which should be taken into account when schedules for projects are planned. If you are interested in research collaboration, please contact our departments.

Do you need infrastructure?

Research infrastructure is an ensemble of various research equipment, which enable conducting research. Our faculty has high quality infrastructure and laboratories for research purposes. Research infrastructure offers great opportunities for organizations and other communities, as it gives a good possibility to utilise our expertise, research skills, and international networks. Our experts gladly help you tap the infrastructure, whether you need help with designing an experiment or analysing results. Detailed information about our infrastructure and contact persons can be found on the infrastructure site.

Are you looking for an expert?

We have widely recognised expertise and know-how in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, and we gladly offer our help for different types of problems.