Stay tuned with the events of the School of Resource Wisdom!

A new transdisciplinary multi-faculty research community was launched in May in our university. School of Resource Wisdom aims to excel in the study of planetary wellbeing including resource wisdom, circular economy and sustainable use of natural resources. JYU.WISDOM aspires to support, advance and advocate evidence based decision making with the ultimate goal of reducing the existential risk for humankind. We welcome now all the scientists of our university to join the community.

JYU.WISDOM is an open community of scientists interested in transdisciplinary collaboration and sustainability related themes. JYU.WISDOM doesn´t have one physical location, but the community meets regularly in the form of lunch colloquiums and other social events to discuss about science and plan collaboration.

If you want to join JYU.WISDOM and the internal e-mail list, please fill in the form here: https://www.jyu.fi/en/research/wisdom/e-mail-list-for-jyu-wisdom

If you don´t want to be affiliated but still want to obtain information about open events that wisdom is organizing subscribe to Wisdom news letter here: https://www.jyu.fi/en/research/wisdom/community/e-mail-list-for-jyu-wisdom

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