Faculty of Mathematics and Science


The Faculty of Mathematics and Science and its institutions have active networks of cooperation, both nationally and internationally.

Mathematics and Science - Together to New Heights

Research and education in mathematics and science since 1965. The Faculty is well known and respected for its scientific achievements and impact. As a research-oriented faculty, we will be internationally known for our high level of research and the impact it makes. Faculty offer intensive and competitive fields of study that are able to fulfil the needs of working life and provide a clear educational path for researchers.

Administration Services and Deans

The Faculty Office is in charge of the preparing, presenting, and implementing matters for the Dean and the Faculty Council and the Heads of the Departments. The Faculty office also take charge of student affairs of the Departments and the Faculty.

Applying for the title of docent

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, according to the established the practice, the title of docent requires, in addition to an approved dissertation, a number of scientific publications with the scope and standard of at least another good dissertation.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the highest decision-making body of the Faculty. It consists of professors, other staff, and student representatives.

Annual Reports

Annual reports of the Faculty includes for example stories about employees, students, research and facilities. Get to know also annual reports of the Department of Physics.

Faculty's strategy 2020 - Together to new heights

The Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences conducts internationally acclaimed research and provides top-level teaching in all the areas of mathematics and sciences it represents. In this faculty, new ideas are developed and shared with the community and experts who will build the future in both Finland and abroad are educated.

Faculty's grants

Faculty’s grants for studies and scientific affairs