Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the highest decision-making body of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.

The faculty council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science comprise six professors, four members of other teaching and research staff and other staff, four students and at least as many personal deputies. In addition, faculty councils must invite two external members who have given their consent for the membership. The Rector names the external members of a faculty council upon the proposal of internal members elected for the faculty council. A dean serves as the chair of a faculty council. The professors and the teaching and research staff and other staff elect their members and deputy members in accordance with the Election Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä. The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä elects the student members. The term of the Faculty Council is four (4) years, with the exception of student representatives, whose term lasts two (2) years.

The Faculty Council makes decisions about e.g. personnel recruitment, dividing the funding allocated to the Faculty, approving the curricula, and matters concerning doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses. The tasks of the Faculty Council are described more precisely in the University of Jyväskylä Regulations.

The Head of Faculty Administration and the Head of Academic and Student Affairs prepare the documents for the Council. The material and documents for the Council must be delivered to the Faculty Office no later than week before the meeting to Marja Korhonen (student affairs) and to Taru Kujanpää (other administrative affairs).

Members of The Faculty Council 1st of January 2018 – 31st of December, 2021:

  • Dean Mikko Mönkkönen                                                             
  • Professor Janne Ihalainen (Department of Biological and Environmental Science)
  • Professor Tero Heikkilä (Department of Physics)                   
  • Professor Markku Kataja (Department of Physics)
  • Professor Tero Kilpeläinen (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Professor Maija Nissinen (Department of Chemistry)
  • Professor Jani Onninen (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Senior Lecturer, Docent Jari Haimi (Department of Biological and Environmental Science)
  • Academy Research Fellow, Docent Anu Kankainen (Department of Physics)
  • Senior Lecturer, Docent Manu Lahtinen (Department of Chemistry)
  • Lecturer, Docent Sara Taskinen (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Student Tiia Haverinen                                  
  • Student Markus Kulmala                               
  • Student Aku Lampinen    
  • Student Juho Siitari             

Members outside the Faculty 2013-2017:

  • Senior Researcher Kristian Meissner, Finnish Environment Institute  (SYKE)
  • Professor Jari Ojala, University of Jyväskylä, Department of History and Ethnology