Faculty’s grants for studies and scientific affairs

We welcome grant applications for the following purposes:

  • Foreign students can apply for a grant of 500 € per month (at most for two years) for completing the master's degree studies in the faculty
  • Faculty's students can apply for  a grant for completing the master's thesis (at most 1 150 € per month for maximum three months), for travel expences abroad, for practical training or for participating international summer school or scientific conference abroad (at most 1 000 €).
  • Faculty's doctoral students can apply for a grant for the doctoral studies in Finland or abroad. The grant is 22 000 € per year at most, including a personal share of 19 500 € and a share of 2 500 € for usual travel and research expences. The grant is intended for full-time studies and is, as a rule, admitted for one year for launching the doctoral studies.
  • Faculty's doctoral students can apply for a grant of 1 600 € per month for 1-3 months for fininshing doctoral studies or a supporting, working and travel grant of 5 000 € at most.
  • Faculty's postdoctoral researchers can apply for a grant of 25 000 € per year at most, for scientific research abroad. For foreign researchers the grant can be admitted for scientific research in Finland. The grant includes a personal share of 22 000 € (working grant) and a share of 3 000 € for usual travel and research expences. Maximum duration of this grant is two years.

Applications for grants are made using an electronic form. Before filling the electronic form please check our website for details concerning the grants.