Top-level research and high-quality teaching

Welcome to Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Mattilanniemi campus. Our department is located near the city center and it is known as an international and prestigious scientific community, where research and teaching are on the top level. Our main fields are mathematical analysis, stochastics, statistics and teacher education in mathematics. Students who graduate from our department are very well employed in various research, teaching and expert tasks in many fields.

Our research is scientifically impressive and internationally valued. We belong to significant concentrations of mathematical research both in Finland and abroad. Our main research areas are mathematical analysis, stochastics, inverse problems and statistics. Our organization has fared well in international university comparisons, such as ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (101-150 in 2018 and 201-300 in 2017) and our researchers have received internationally significant research funding. Our department is a member in several centre of excellence units of research co-operating with other universities.

Our operation in the research and teaching of mathematical subjects is socially active. We are happy to cooperate in teaching and research, providing new solutions to society's challenges. If you have a new vision of cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us.