Facilities and softwares


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is located in the Mattilanniemi campus area. The campus provides suitable facilities for the department’s activity. It comprises a range of classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, student lounges, and working spaces. The facilities support the departments’ educational mission and methods. The communal nature of studies at our department has been taken into account in planning the facilities. The variety of rooms provides students plenty of opportunities to work together or just spend time with each other. The rooms available for teaching and learning comprise modern equipment that encourage multimodal and effective learning and streamline both students' and staff's tasks. The department also has an extensive variety of software available to both students and staff. 


The department’s facilities comprise a variety of spacious classrooms and computer labs, which provide good conditions for teaching, studying and group work. The classrooms and computer lab fit up to 18 people, and include modern technology that aids teaching and learning, such as computers, data projectors, overhead projectors, and blackboards. 


Our department has a broad range of different modern software useful for students of mathematics and statistics. They are available to both students and staff. 

Other equipment

Our department also has a digital overhead, a portable data projector and a movable whiteboard that are available for use within the University.