Infrastructures of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Services Location Accessible Description
Mittag-Leffler Instituutti Auravägen 17,183 60, Djusholm Ruotsi, www.mittag-leffler.se IML serves every math departments in Finland IML is a Nordic centre of research and postdoctoral training in mathematical science


Software Location Contact  Accessible
JAGS / Just Another Gibbs Sampler Free download: mcmc-jags.sourceforge.net Juho Kopra juho.j.kopra@student.jyu.fi Licensed under the GNU General Public License. You may freely modify and redistribute it under certain conditions. For MacOS and Windows.
OpenBUGS Free download: http://www.openbugs.net/ Antti Penttinen antti.k.penttinen@jyu.fi For Linux and Windows
R Free download: http://www.r-project.org/ staff of Statistics Linux, Windows and MacOS.
SPSS IT Services JY/Tilastoneuvonta, tilastoneuvonta@jyu.fi University contract
SAS IT Services Juha Karvanen juha.t.karvanen@jyu.fi University contract
Mathematica: symbolisen matematiikan ohjelmisto. IT Services Ari Lehtonen ari.t.e.lehtonen@jyu.fi For Windows, Mac abd Linux. Licenses limited.
TeX/LaTeX   Ari Lehtonen ari.t.e.lehtonen@jyu.fi (La-)TeX-kurssiin liittyvää materiaalia löytyy sivulta TeXopas.  
Maxima: Mathematicalle hyvä vaihtoehto Free download:  http://maxima.sourceforge.net/ Ari Lehtonen, ari.t.e.lehtonen@jyu.fi Maxima-opas (Lehtonen): http://users.jyu.fi/~lehtonen/maxima-opas/ For MacOS, Windows and Linux
Matlab IT Services Aleksis Koski aleksis.t.koski@jyu.fi For Linux, Windows and MacOs. Limited amount of licenses.


Devices Location Contact Accessible
digital overhead 1pc, MaD365 Hannele Säntti-Ahomäki hannele.santti-ahomaki@jyu.fi inside JYU
portable dataprojector 1pc, MaD365 Hannele Säntti-Ahomäki hannele.santti-ahomaki@jyu.fi inside JYU
whiteboard 1pc, MaD-building, 2nd floor Hannele Säntti-Ahomäki hannele.santti-ahomaki@jyu.fi inside JYU


Room Location Contact  Accessible Equipments
office MaD247 secretary office-maths@jyu.fi inside JYU 3 blackboards
classroom MaD245 secretary office-maths@jyu.fi inside JYU 16 persons, 1 computer, dataprojector, overhead projector, 3 blackboards
classroom MaD355 secretary office-maths@jyu.fi inside JYU 18 persons, 1 computer, dataprojector, overhead projector, 6 blackboards
computer classroom MaD353 secretary office-maths@jyu.fi inside JYU  14 +1 computers, basic softwares, dataprojector, whiteboard