Inverse problems reading group (Autumn 2014)

The inverse problems reading group in Fall 2014 will meet on Wednesdays at 10.15–11.15 in room MaD245. This fall we will start by going through some basic results related to unique continuation for elliptic PDEs. The idea is to try to understand the ideas of the methods in simple cases. The reading group also provides a place to discuss the current affairs of the inverse problems group.

Notes on unique continuation (23.10.) Warning: rough draft, may contain mistakes, will be updated gradually.

Possible topics for the fall include:

  • PDE with real-analytic coefficients (Holmgren's theorem)
  • L^2 Carleman inequalities
  • Doubling/three spheres inequalities
  • Frequency function method
  • L^p Carleman estimates
  • The 2D case
  • Counterexamples to unique continuation
  • Pseudoconvexity for general operators
  • Nonlinear equations

The programme is as follows; it will be specified gradually during the fall.

References for topics

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Doubling/three spheres inequalities, frequency function method:

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Nonlinear equations:

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