Program of the workshop (NPDE and stochastic methods) 2014

Program — Matematiikan ja tilastotieteen laitos

Invited talks (abstracts)

  • Scott Armstrong: Stochastic homogenization of convex energy functionals
  • Lorenzo Brasco: On the Lipschitz character of anisotropic p-harmonic functions and applications
  • Guido De Philippis: Regularity of free boundaries in anisotropic capillarity problems and validity of Young's law
  • Stefan Geiss: Semi-linear PDEs and pathdependent backward stochastic differential equations
  • Juha Kinnunen: Variational problems with linear growth on metric measure spaces
  • Erik Lindgren: A doubly nonlinear evolution for ground states of the p-Laplacian
  • Peter Lindqvist: On Infinite initial values for the evolutionary p-Laplace equation
  • Giuseppe Mingione: Back to Jyväskylä, with an update to nonlinear potential theory
  • Kaj Nyström: Recent progress on the Kolmogorov equation
  • Giampiero Palatucci: Local behavior of fractional p-minimizers
  • Julio D. Rossi: Optimal transport problems for the Euclidean distance
  • Eero Saksman: On homogenization of iterates of random singular integrals and applications to QC-maps
  • Yannick Sire: Problems in spectral geometry: bounds on the spectrum of elliptic operators
  • Charles Smart: The scaling limit of the Abelian sandpile
  • Andrzej Swiech: Scaling limits for conditional diffusion exit problems and asymptotics for nonlinear elliptic equations
  • Enrico Valdinoci: Concentrating solutions for a nonlocal Schroedinger equation