Live sciences and chance control

Mathematics is at the heart of questions about the world. Mathematical and statistical methods are increasingly important in various fields of research and technology. They can be used to model and analyze almost everything: mite populations, genetics research, computer science, finance and economics, and so forth.

In the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, we educate experts who will be in a key role in the development of the digitalizing society. You can choose your degree programme from mathematics and statistics. With a degree from mathematics, your future career may be in, for example, a bank or an insurance company working on demanding modeling or calculating tasks. Students of statistics learn data analysis, which is a highly valued skill in the modern, data-driven society. It is also possible to graduate as a subject teacher of mathematics.

In Statistics studies, you will learn to analyze data, to build prediction models and to make conclusions under uncertainty.

Welcome to Jyväskylä and Finland to study mathematics and statistics and see how many polar bears you can find from the Mattilanniemi campus.

So many aspects of our daily lives rely on the skills of a mathematician. In Mathematics studies, you will be acquainted with fascinating mathematical theories, which are applied in modeling real life phenomena.

Do you want to come up with something new and take science forward? Do you want to be part of an academic research team and collaborate with other researchers around the world?