Elective studies in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics are perfect for completing studies in your own subject.


It is good to understand the basics from mathematical reasoning and statistical interpretation. We offer different options for different needs. Our basic and subject studies are freely available to all students at the University of Jyväskylä. The right to study for advanced studies is requested separately by a student other than the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Mainly the basic and subject courses are taught in Finnish, but it is possible to do exercises in English and also take the exam in English. For more information contact the lecturer of the course. Here are the courses taught in English in the Faculty of Mathematics and science.

There are two options in basic and subject studies in mathematics. Option A is more computational and does not offer such a deep understanding of theory. Option A is recommended for those who needs routine in calculation, tools for solving various mathematical problems, and feeling from different aspects of mathematics. Option B instead is more theoretical and offers more answers to the questions "Why?" and "Where does this come from?" We recommend option B to those who intend to pursue their Mathematics studies and to complete the subject studies in Mathematics (according to option B). Alternatively, option A can also be used for subject studies; then the studies are completed according to option A. It is possible to continue studies in Mathematics all the way to the advanced studies and the master's thesis.

Statistics offers also two different basic studies. The methodical study module in Statistics is suitable for those who want to understand basis in statistics and need basic research methods. This can not be extended to subject and advanced studies in statistics. The basic studies in statistics then give a better theoretical basis for statistical reasoning and interpretation of results. From this you can continue to subject studies and all to way to advanced studies.

More information from Ari Lehtonen (MaD374) the student counsellor in mathematics and Annaliisa Kankainen (MaD331) the student counsellor in statistics.