Nanoblog: "First impression of Jyväskylä"

Nanoscience Center and Center for Interdisciplinary Nanoscience and Technology, University of Kassel (CINSaT) turned out to be very similar research centers both in research and teaching. A new Erasmus contract was established on last spring. The exchange is mainly for the Master students but is open also for bachelor and doctoral students and staff. Couple students from University of Kassel came from Germany to Nanoscience Center for student exchange. Exchange student Felix Dorant from Germany describes some first feelings of Jyväskylä.

"I am here for an exchange with five fellow students from Kassel for half a year. With hardly any knowledge regarding the Finnish lifestyle an unbiased picture could be generated. My first impression was that trees and hills dominate the cityscape. The welcoming was friendly due to the many tutors, who showed us around. Between meeting people from all over the world and to make party, there was still time left to discover the unaffected landscape. In the night we were chasing aurora borealis and shooting stars.

Why do you need the seaside if you have lakes everywhere and beaches? The island Lehtisaari is a good spot to experience a finish weekend with swimming, canoeing, picnic and sauna. Besides that, swimming in Myllyjärvi is a good refreshment especially in the night. Most impressing to me are the people in Finland which seem to be in harmony with nature and show a relaxed manner, not to be in a hast all the time. I have enjoyed it really so far and I am looking forward for many new experiences and interesting talks."

Exchange student Felix Dorant from University of Kassel, Germany