Research Training and Scientific skills in Hannover

I am second a year master's degree student. From the beginning of my masters study I was looking for a innovative and advanced research team, which can suit with my thesis arena. I have searched and found some of the good research team in Germany and Norway. Then, I expressed them my interest and intended to learn something new that can enhance my critical thinking ability and research quality. Finally, I got green signal from one of the research group from Hannover, Germany. While I got positive reply from that group (now I am working with), fortunately I was in a leisure trip in Germany. However, I met them and talked a informal way at their office and it suits fine for both of us.

Then, both of the institute signed the “Learning Agreement” and University of Jyvaskyla’s “Erasmus Mundus Work Placement Scholarship” was granted for six month (January, 2017–June, 2017). “TWINCORE, Centre for Experimental Clinical Infection Research” is a joint venture between “Hannover Medical School (MHH)” and “Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZB)”. There are six different Research track in TWINCORE. Now I am working with “Experimental Infection Research” group under cordial supervision of Professor Dr. Ulrich Kalinke.

In terms of research environment, TWINCORE has its own specialization and individuality of advanced research with multicultural environment. They hold a highly motivated and skilled research faculty with emerging research projects. Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony State of Germany has a long history of art, culture, technology, educational institute along with industrial sector. I found it is less cold that Jyvaskyla and, since it is a big city compared to Jyvaskyla, so they do hold a big public transport network of Bus, Train, Metro.

I think, overall this city and the research team I am working with will fulfill my target in terms of Research Training and Scientific skills.

Nanostudent Apurba Majumder