NSC Afternoon 14.3.2018


NSC afternoon is an event aimed for the NSC group leaders. It takes place in Cumulus Resort Laajavuori, meeting room 7 (street level, close to the main entrance).


14:00 Tero Heikkilä: Welcome and "what's up @NSC"

14:25 Matti Jalasvuori: New solutions to fight antibiotic resistance

14:45 Tero Heikkilä: Postdoc program rules

15:00–15:15 Coffee (kahvitori)

15:15–16:45 Postdoc project presentations (15 min strict each, 5 min questions, chair Karoliina Honkala):

15:15 Ilari Maasilta: Biological (and chemical) thermal metamaterials

15:35 Mika Pettersson: Development of graphene-based nerve-machine interface

15:55 V. Marjomäki: Reporter nanoparticles for biological systems: Experiment and Theory

16:15 Jussi Toppari and Gerrit Groenhof: Polariton Chemistry: Theory and applications

16:35 Petri Pihko: Folding, binding and catalysis – combination of foldamers with biological macromolecules

16:45 Small break and NSC group leader photograph

17:00 What's new @NSC (chair Perttu Permi)

17:00 M. Tiirola: From microbiomes to cancer cells - more information with microdroplets

17:20 Janne Ihalainen: Flagship plans

17:40 Ilari Maasilta: NSC infra plans

18:00 Timo Sajavaara: Accelerator laboratory plans (affecting also chemists and biologists)

18:30–19:30 Dinner at restaurant Salitintti

19:30- Sauna, Salitintti