NSC Explain this!

NSC Explain this! is a monthly event where NSC groups can explain some small open problem related to their research for the rest of NSC to solve. The event is held in the NSC coffee room at 2 pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Coffee and cake will be served along with the problem! 

Tentative schedule of groups

16.1. 2019 Computational spectroscopy and dynamics

Comparing simulations to experiment: the case of green fluorescent protein variants / Vaibhav Modi

5.12. 2018 Computational nanoscience

Celebration of Academy Professor Hannu Häkkinen´s achievement to get listed the Global Highly Cited Researchers 2018 list.

This list recognizes world-class researchers selected for their exceptional research performance, demonstrated by production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science.


7.11. 2018 Molecular Technology

Carbon nanotubes meet cellulose

Carbon nanotubes can be solubilized in water via complexation with hemicellulose, and conducting thin films made from this [D. Shao et al., Nanotechnology, 29, 145203 (2018)]. A topic for further study is the character of the nanotube-hemicellulose interaction.

3.10. 2018 Synthetic and structural nanochemistry

We would like to functionalize GO on a SiO2 surface with a supramolecular gel and seed cells on its surface. The question is if the gel layer would be homogeneous and how could we test this? Could the topology (spatial molecular packing) of the conjugated fibers in contact with GO be the same as that on the surface of the gel layer? / Postdoctoral Researcher Estratios Sitsanidis

5.9. 2018 Host-pathogen interactions - Enterovirus infection mechanisms and anti-viral development

How large openings/holes need to be present on the surface (capsid) of a virus to let through ions (e.g. Na+, K+, Cs+) / PhD student Mira Laajala

6.2. 2019 Cell adhesion and cytoskeleton dynamics

6.3. 2019 NMR spectroscopy of macromolecules

3.4. 2019 Thermal Nanophysics

7.5. 2019 Quantum many-body theory

5.6. 2019 Biomolecular spectroscopy and dynamics

Each NCS group will get their chance to ask for help. Future schedule will be updated in spring. If your time is inadequate, please inform Satu Lassila, firstname.surname@jyu.fi. 


One week before your turn, choose the problem to be presented, and inform Satu Lassila about it. In addition, choose a person or the people from your group to present the problem. Instead of group leaders, students or postdocs are preferred! The problem should not (necessarily) be a major open scientific problem, but some small but relevant detailed problem which needs to be solved for one or another reason. 

In the event, you will explain the problem in 5-10 minutes, after which others can ask questions and try to help you with the problem.