NSC Paper of the Year Award

NSC paper of the year will be selected in December based on the publications from Dec 2017 - Nov 2018 in our Research Highlights page. The selection is based on 3-5 minutes presentations in a special event given by one of the (preferably junior) authors of those papers, and voting by the audience of that event. The best paper presenter and her/his group will receive a prestigious prize whose contents will be disclosed at the event.

The first Paper of the Year event was held on Wednesday 19th December at 4 pm in the NSC lobby.

The winner will be announced on this website. If you have published an eligible paper, you can enter the competition by following these instructions to add your work to the Research Highlights page.


2018 Sami Kaappa (presenter): "Real-space imaging with pattern recognition of a ligand-protected Ag374 nanocluster at sub-molecular resolution", Nature Comm 9, 2948 (2018). All authors: Q. Zhou, S. Kaappa, S. Malola, H. Lu, D. Guan, Y. Li, H. Wang, Z. Xie, Z. Ma, H. Häkkinen, N. Zheng. X. Yang, and L. Zheng.