Nanophysics theory seminar

Starting from the beginning of 2019, seminars are arranged usually weekly on Wednesdays at 14:30-15:30, in YN122. We encourage researchers to present theoretical or experimental results in a wide variety of topics related to condensed matter physics, high-energy physics, and chemistry. The core of the speakers are from the local nanophysics theory groups. Additionally, we look for possibilities to deepen the collaboration between scientists, both theoretical and experimental, but we encourage the speakers to plan their talks by taking into account that most of the audience has a background in theoretical nanophysics. Anyone interested in the topics is warmly welcome to come as audience or to present their research!

If you want to give a talk please contact Pauli Virtanen. If you want to get email reminders about the seminars, please join the nanophys_theo_sem group in Korppi. The seminars can optionally be longer than one hour, but if you plan to give a longer talk, please mention it in the abstract.

Research groups

  • Tero Heikkilä, Robert Van Leeuwen, Francesco Massel and Mikhail Silaev

Next speakers:

  • 22.5.2019 (Wednesday, at 14.30, YN122) Yao Lu: Proximity Effect in Superconducting Heterostructures with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling and Spin Splitting
  • 29.5.2019 (Wednesday, at 14.30, YN122) Alexey Shorokhov: Physical principles of the amplification of electromagnetic radiation by semiconductor superlattices placed in static electric and magnetic field

Planned future schedule:

  • 5.6. Juha Muhonen
  • 12.6. Markku Hyrkäs

If you'd like to change your seminar date, or want to make other additions/corrections to the list, contact the organizer.

Recent Seminars:

  • 15.5.2019 Tero Heikkilä: Magnetic domain wall with electrons
  • 8.5.2019 Robert van Leeuwen: Some mathematical aspects of quantum dynamics
  • 18.4.2019 Risto Ojajärvi: Spin pumping from a metallic ferromagnet to a diffusive superconductor
  • 10.4.2019 Artjom Vargunin: 0-π transitions and flux-flow resistivity in superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor sandwich with Abrikosov vortices
  • 3.4.2019 Mika Pettersson: Optical forging of graphene – what’s going on?
  • 13.3.2019 Faluke Aikebaier: Superconductivity near a magnetic domain wall
  • 20.2.2019 Daniel Karlsson: Speeding up GKBA calculations using initial correlations
  • 13.2.2019 Teemu Peltonen: Summary of recent experiments on magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
  • 6.2.2019 Pauli Virtanen: Quasi-1D quantum mechanics and determinants
  • 30.1.2019 Mikhail Silaev: Nonlinear electromagnetic response and Higgs mode excitation in superconductors with impurities
  • 11.12.2018 Zoran Rukelj (University of Zagreb): Plasmon propagation in two-dimensional conductors: a memory function approach.
  • 04.10.2018 Yao Lu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): Orbital Limit and Fluctuation Effect in Flat Band Superconductors with Pseudomagnetic Fields
  • 19.06.2018 Stephane Ouvry (LPTMS - Université Paris Sud): On Thouless bandwith formula in the Hofstadter model
  • 29.05.2018 Teemu Peltonen: Mean-field theory for superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene
  • 20.03.2018 Artjom Vargunin: Flux-flow spin Hall effect in type-II superconductors
  • 06.03.2018 Risto Ojajärvi: Topological phase transitions in rhombohedrally stacked honeycomb lattices
  • 27.02.2018 Mikhail Silaev: Generalized quasiclassics, spontaneous currents and spin torques in superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid structures
  • 06.02.2018 Subrata Chakraborty: Thermoelectric radiation detector based on superconductor/ferromagnet system in the calorimetric regime
  • 30.1.2018 Muhammad Asjad: Generation of non-classical states of a nano-mechanical resonator via quadratic optomechanical coupling
  • 23.1.2018 Daniel Karlsson: Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions for coupled fermion-boson systems
  • 16.01.2018 Alexander Zyuzin (Aalto University):  Second harmonic generation in Weyl semimetal
  • 09.01.2018 Faluke Aikebaier: Supercurrent induced Charge-Spin Conversion in Spin-Split Superconductors