Doctoral theses



Year Field Doctoral candidate Instructor Doctoral theses Number



Physics Luis Cort Barrada  Robert van Leeuwen Time-dependent density-functional theory for strongly correlated electrons  134
Physics Oleg Kit  Pekka Koskinen Nanomaterial distortions simulated effectively: the technique and its nanocarbon applications



Physics Shao Dongkai Markus Ahlskog Experimental studies of nanocarbon hybrids with hemicellulose and avidin: Structure, conductivity and optical properties 132
Physics Jan Borovsky Andreas Johansson Development of Microfluidics for Sorting of Carbon Nanotubes 131
Biology Sanna Rauhamäki Olli Pentikäinen Small Molecule Modulators of Amine Oxidation, Nuclear Receptor Signaling and Glucuronidation – 3-Phenylcoumarin as a Scaffold of Interest 130
Chemistry Rajendhraprasad Tatikonda Matti Haukka Multivalent N-donor li­gands for the construction of coordination polymers and coordination polymer gels 129
Physics Vesa Aho Maija Vihinen-Ranta Modeling of intracellular transport in realistic cell geometries 128
Chemistry Akseli Mansikkamäki Heikki Tuononen Theoretical and Computational Studies of Magnetic Anisotropy and Exchange Coupling in Molecular Systems 127
Physics Boxuan Shen Jussi Toppari Applications of DNA self­assembled structures in nano-electronics and plasmonics 126
 2017 Chemistry Juha Koivistoinen Mika Pettersson Non-linear interactions of femtosecond laser pulses with graphene: photo-oxidation, imaging and photodynamics 125
Chemistry Lotta Turunen Kari Rissanen Design and construction of halogen-bonded capsules and cages 124
Physics Kosti Tapio Jussi Toppari Nanodevices by DNA based gold structures 123
Biology Kanoktip Puttaraksa Leona Gilbert Pathogenic mechanisms of how human parvovirus break self-tolerance 122
Biology Marie Stark Varpu Marjomäki Recombinant Nanocapsids for Targeted Theranostic Delivery 121
Physics Mari Napari Timo Sajavaara Low-temperature thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of metal oxide thin films 120
Physics Matti Hokkanen Markus Ahlskog On-chip Purification of Arc-discharge Synthesized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes via Mobile Liquid Iinterface 119
Chemistry Lars Gell Hannu Häkkinen Theoretical Investigations of Ligand Protected Silver Nanoclusters 118
2016 Chemistry Jaakko Koivisto Mika Pettersson  Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of Gold Nanoclusters 117
Biology Mari Martikainen  Varpu Marjomäki Development of novel probes for enterovirus B group to study uncoating and infection  116
Chemistry Sakari Tuokko  Petri Pihko/Karoliina Honkala Understanding selective reduction reactions with heterogeneous Pd and Pt: climbing out of the black box  115
Chemistry Leticia Arnedo-Sánchez Kari Rissanen Lanthanide and Transition Metal Complexses as Building Blocks for Supramolecular Functional Materials 114
Physics Tommi Isoniemi Jussi Toppari Optical properties of conductive carbon-based nanomaterials 113
Biology Sari Mäntynen Lotta-Riina Sundberg  Something old, something new - Exploring membrane-containing bacteriophages 112
Biology Sari Mattila Matti Jalasvuori Small things matter - Of phages and antibiotic resistance conferring plasmids 111
Chemistry Aku Suhonen Maija Nissinen Solid state conformational behavior and interactions of series of aromatic oligoamide foldamers 110
Physics Janne Nevalaita Karoliina Honkala  Computational Studies of Gold-Adsorbate Complexes on Modified Oxides 109
Biology Elina Mäntylä Maija Vihinen-Ranta Import and impact - Characterization of parvovirus-nucleus interactions 108
Biology Reetta Penttinen Lotta-Riina Sundberg Genetic and environmental factors associatedwith the virulence of fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare 107
Biology Ville Ojala Matti Jalasvuori  Counteracting the horizontal spread of bacterial antibiotic resistance with conjugative plasmid-dependent bacteriophages 106
Physics Riku Tuovinen Robert van Leeuwen Time-Dependent Quantum Transport in Nanosystems: A Nonequilibrium Green's Function Approach 105
Chemistry Toni Mäkelä Kari Rissanen Ion Pair Recognition by Ditopic Crown Ether Based bis-Urea and Uranyl Salophen Receptors 104
Physics Svitlana Baieva Jussi Toppari Interaction Between Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Molecules in Strong Coupling Limit 103
Physics Juhani Julin Ilari Maasilta Fabrication, Electrical Characterization and 1/f-Noise Study of Submicron Sized Superconductive Tunnel Junctions 102
Physics Topi Korhonen Pekka Koskinen  Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanostructures 101
Physics Yaolan Tian Ilari Maasilta Studies of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Phononic Crystal Structures 100
2015 Chemistry Tiia-Riikka Tero Maija Nissinen Tetramethoxy resorcinarenes as platforms for fluorescent and halogen bonding systems 99
Physics Mikko Palosaari Ilari Maasilta Development and Applications of Transition-Edge Sensors 98
Biology Alice Pawlowski Jaana Bamford Thermus bacteriophage P23-77: key member of a novel, but ancient family of viruses from extreme environments 97
Biology Jonne Seppälä Jari Ylänne Structural studies of Filamin domain interactions 96
Physics Anna-Maija Uimonen Robert van Leeuwen Development in Many-body Theory of Quantum Transport and Spectroscopy with Non-equilibrium Green's Functions and Time-dependent Density Functional Theory 95
Biology Elina Dadu Janne Ihalainen Interactions of α2β1 integrin and its ligands, type I collagen and Echovirus 1 94
Biology Leena Meriläinen Leona Gilbert Characterization and immunological aspects of Borrelia burgdorferi pleomorphic round bodies 93
Chemistry Pia Bonakdarzadeh Kari Rissanen Supramolecular Coordination Polyhedra Based on Achiral and Chiral Pyridyl Ligands: Design, Preparation and Characterization 92
Chemistry Filip Topic  Kari Rissanen Structural Studies of Nano-sized Supramolecular Assemblies 91
Biology Sanna Niinivehmas Olli Pentikäinen Computational studies on biomolecular screening and interactions 90
Chemistry Satu Mustalahti Mika Pettersson Photodynamics studies of ligand-protected gold nanoclusters by using ultrafast transient infrared spectroscopy 89
Physics Perttu Luukko H. Häkkinen/E. Räsänen Spectral Analysis and Quantum Chaos in Two-Dimensional Nanostructures 88
2014 Biology Mikko Ylilauri Olli Pentikäinen Effect of ligand-binding on protein function 87
Physics Tero Isotalo Ilari Maasilta 2-D and 3-D Periodic Nanostructures for Thermal Engineering Applications 86
Biology Jenni Karttunen Jaana Bamford Interactions of virus proteins within the host cell 85
Biology Ilona Rissanen Jaana Bamford An ancient virus type from extreme environments 84
Physics Olli Herranen Markus Ahlskog Experimental Characterization of Electronic, Structural and Optical Properties of Individual Carbon Nanotubes 83
Biology Rithika Seth Jari Ylänne Inter-domain interactions in filamins 82
Biology Jonna Nykky Leona Gilbert Virus–cell interactions as a pathological mechanism of parvovirus infection 81
Physics Janne Lehtinen Konstantin Arutyunov Quantum fluctuations in superconducting nanostructures 80
Physics Peerapong Yotprayoonsak Markus Ahlskog Complexes of carbon nanotubes with ions and macromolecules; Studies on electronic conduction properties 79
Biology Elina Laanto Lotta-Riina Sundberg Exploring phage-bacterium interactions - New ways to combat a fish pathogen 78
Biology Moona Huttunen Varpu Marjomäki Enterovirus induced non-acidic entry pathway and its rela­tions to epidermal growth factor pathway 77
2013 Physics Ville Mäkinen Hannu Häkkinen Modeling the atomic and electronic structure of nanoparticle-ligand interface 76
Physics Janne Kalikka Jaakko Akola Density functional / molecular dynamics simulations of phase-change materials 75
Chemistry Hana Bunzen Erkki Kolehmainen Steroidal derivatives of nitrogen containing compounds as potential gelators 74
Chemistry Chandan Giri Kari Rissanen Sub-component Self-assembly of linear and nonlinear diamines and diacylhydrazines, formylpyridine and transition metal cations 73
Physics Johan Lindgren Toni Kiljunen Computational investigations on rotational and vibrational spectroscopies of some diatomics in solid environment 72
Biology Salla Virtanen Olli Pentikäinen Virtual screening: Development of a novel structure-based method 71
Chemistry Liisa Antila Korppi-Tommola Spectroscopic studies of electron transfer reactions at the photoactive electrode of dye-sensitized solar cells 70
Chemistry Eeva Kemppainen Petri Pihko Mukaiyama–Michael Reactions with α-Substituted Acroleins – A Useful Tool for the Synthesis of the Pectenotoxins and Other Natural Product Targets 69
Biology Paula Turkki Varpu Marjomäki Cellular factors promoting efficient baculovirus internalization and gene delivery into human cells 68
Physics Ville Kotimäki Hannu Häkkinen Real-space Quantum Transport in Two-dimensional Nanostructures in Magnetic Fields 67
Chemistry Suvi Virtanen Mika Pettersson Structural studies of dielectric polymer nanocomposites 66
Chemistry Sanna Yliniemelä-Sipari Petri Pihko Understanding the structural requirements for optimal hydrogen bond catalyzed enolization - a biomimetic approach 65
Information Technology Lassi Paavolainen Tuomo Rossi / Varpu Marjomäki Algorithms and software for biological multiscale image analysis 64
2012 Chemistry Elisa Nauha Maija Nissinen Crystalline forms of selected agrochemical actives: design and synthesis of cocrystals 63
Chemistry Kaisa Helttunen Maija Nissinen Exploring the self-assembly of resorcinarenes: from molecular level interactions to mesoscopic structures 62
Physics Davie Mtsuko Markus Ahlskog Experimental study of electron transport in mesoscopic carbon based nanostructures 61
Physics Petri Myöhänen Robert van Leeuwen Many-particle theory for time-dependent quantum transport in nanostructures 60
Physics Minna Nevala Ilari Maasilta Development of niobium-based superconducting junctions 59
Chemistry Eero Hulkko Mika Pettersson Spectroscopic signatures as a probe of structure and dynamics in condensed-phase systems - Studies of iodine and gold ranging from isolated molecules to nanoclusters 58
Biology Nina Rintanen  Varpu Marjomäki Clustering-triggered endocytic pathway of α2β1 integrin 57
Chemistry Lauri Nykänen Karoliina Honkala Computational studies of carbon chemistry on transition metal surfaces 56
2011 Biology Salla Ruskamo Jari Ylänne Structure, interactions and packing of filamin domains 55
Biology Elisa Nurminen Olli Pentikäinen Rational Drug Discovery - Structural Studies of Protein-Ligand Complexes 54
Chemistry Kimmo Leivo Henrik Kunttu Gelation and gel properties of two- and three-component Pyrene based low molecular weight organogelators 53
Physics Veikko Linko Jussi Toppari DNA-based applications in molecular electronics 52
Chemistry Jari Martiskainen Jouko Korppi-Tommola Electronic energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes isolated from Spinacia oleracea and from three photosynthetic green bacteria  51
Biology Jarkko Koivunen Olli Pentikäinen Discovery of α2β1 integrin ligands: Tools and drug candidates for cancer and thrombus 50
Biology Mikko Karjalainen Varpu Marjomäki Echovirus 1 entry via novel multivesicular bodies 49
Chemistry Jukka Aumanen Jouko Korppi-Tommola Photophysical properties of dansylated poly(propylene amine) dendrimers 48
Chemistry Jenni Andersin Karoliina Honkala Catalytic activity of Palladium-based nanostructures in the conversion of simple OLEFINIC hydro- and chlorohydrocarbons from first principles 47
Biology Heikki Takala Jari Ylänne Three proteins regulating integrin function – filamin, 14-3-3 and RIAM 46
Physics Jarkko Lievonen Markus Ahlskog Force measurements and tip shape approximation with the atomic force microscope 45
Physics Kimmo Kinnunen Ilari Maasilta Studies of transition-edge sensor physics: noise and thermal models 44
Physics Nitipon Puttaraksa Harry Whitlow Development of MeV Ion Beam Lithography Technique for Microfluidic Applications 43
2010 Physics Katarzyna Kacprzak Hannu Häkkinen Density functional studies of the electronic structure and catalytic properties of small bare and ligand-protected gold clusters 42
Chemistry Tiina Kiviniemi Mika Pettersson Vibrational dynamics of iodine molecule and its complexes in solid krypton. Towards coherent control of bimolecular reactions? 41
Biology Einari Niskanen Maija Vihinen-Ranta On dynamics of parvoviral replication protein NS1 40
Biology Matti Jalasvuori Jaana Bamford Viruses are ancient parasites that have influenced the evolution of contemporary and archaic forms of life 39
Chemistry Kari Raatikainen Kari Rissanen Synthesis and structural studies of piperazine cyclophanes - Supramolecular systems through halogen and hydrogen bonding and metal ion coordination 38
Chemistry Anni Siitonen Mika Pettersson Spectroscopic studies of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes 37
Physics Viivi Koivu Jussi Timonen Analysis of fluid flow through porous media based on micro-tomographic reconstructions 36
Chemistry Laura Ilander Kari Rissanen Uranyl Salophens: Synthesis and Use as Ditopic Receptors 35
Biology Pekka Postila Olli Pentikäinen Dynamics of the ligand-binding domains of ionotropic glumate receptors 34
2009 Biology Elina Kakkonen Varpu Marjomäki Regulation of Raft-derived Endocytic Pathways - Studies on Echovirus 1 and Baculovirus 33
Chemistry Pasi Myllyperkiö Jouko Korppi-Tommola Ultrafast electron transfer from potential organic and metal containing solar cell sensitizers 32
Physics Panu Koppinen Ilari Maasilta Applications of tunnel junctions in low-dimensional nanostructures 31
Physics Anton Kuzyk Päivi Törmä Molecular devices for nanoelectronics and plasmonics 30
Physics Sami Malola Hannu Häkkinen Computational studies of defects in graphene and carbon nanotubes 29
Physics Jenni Karvonen Ilari Maasilta Thermal properties in low dimensional structures below 1 K 28
Biology Kirsi Pakkanen Matti Vuento From endosomes onwards. Membranes, lysosomes and viral capsid interactions 27
Biology Teemu Ihalainen Maija Vihinen-Ranta Intranuclear Dynamic in Parvovirus Infection 26
Chemistry Kirsi Salorinne Maija Nissinen Tetramethoxy Resorcinarene Based Cation and Anion Receptors: Synthesis, Characterization and Binding Properties 25
Physics Tuomas Tallinen Jussi Timonen Numerical studies on membrane crumpling) 24
Physics Marcus Rinkö Päivi Törmä Carbon nanotube memory devices with designed high-k gate dielectrics 23
Physics Tommi Hakala Päivi Törmä Applications of light-matter interactions in nanoscience 22
Physics Pentti Frondelius Karoliina Honkala Electronic, structural and chemical properties of gold clusters on ultra-thin oxide films 21
Chemistry Tero Tuuttila Kari Rissanen Functional Dendritic Polyester Compounds: Synthesis and Characterization of Small Bifunctional Dendrimers and Dyes 20
2008 Chemistry Sami Nummelin Kari Rissanen Synthesis, Characterization, Structural and Retrostructural Analysis of Self-assembling Pore Forming Dendrimers 19
Biology Paula Upla Varpu Marjomäki Integrin-mediated entry of echovirus 1 18
Physics Juha-Pekka Nikkarila  Matti Manninen Theoretical studies of artificial atoms and lattices 17
Biology Johanna Laakkonen Maija Vihinen-Ranta Intracellular Delivery of Baculovirus and Streptavidin-based Vectors in vitro - Towards Novel Therapeutic Applications 16
Physics Maciej Zgirski Konstantin Arutyunov Experimental study of fluctuations in ultra-narrow superconducting nanowires 15
Chemistry Ngong Kodiah Beyeh  Kari Rissanen Resorcinarenes and their derivatives: Syntesis, characterization and complexation in gas phase and in solution 14
Physics Timo Koponen Päivi Törmä Fermionic superfluidity in optical lattices 13
Biology Anna Mäkelä Christian Oker-Blom Towards Therapeutic Gene Delivery to Human Cancer Cells: Targeting and Entry of Baculovirus 12
2007 Physics Pasi Jalkanen Jyrki Räisänen Properties of SiGe Alloys Studied by Ion Beams and Suppression of Al Film Superconductivity by Implantation 11
Physics Thomas Kühn Matti Manninen Phononic transport in dielectric membranes 10
Chemistry Lauri Lehtovaara Henrik Kunttu Theoretical Studies of Atomic Scale Impurities in Superfluid 4He 9
2006 Chemistry Heidi Mansikkamäki Kari Rissanen Self-Assembly of Resorcinarenes 8
Physics Raimo Lohikoski Jussi Timonen Dynamic modeling of DNA 7
Physics Lasse Taskinen Ilari Maasilta Thermal properties of mesoscopic wires and tunnel junctions 6
Physics Jari Hyväluoma Jussi Timonen Application of the lattice-Boltzmann method to multiphase flows 5
Physics Kari Rytkönen Jaakko Akola Electronic and structural studies of free and supported metal clusters and molecules 4
Physics Jami Kinnunen Päivi Törmä Radio-frequency spectroscopy of superfluid Fermi gas 3
Physics Sampo Tuukkanen Päivi Törmä Dielectrophoresis as a tool for on-chip positioning of DNA and electrical characterization of nanoscale DNA 2
Chemistry Jussi Ahokas Henrik Kunttu Spectroscopic Studies of Atoms and Small Molecules Isolated in Rare Gas Solids: Photodissociation and Thermal Reactions 1