FGCI Computational Facilities


Jyväskylä is part of the Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure (FGCI) consortium of nine Finnish universities, who coordinate purchasing and maintaining local computing resources. The FGCI partners have agreed to let 20 percent of the capacity to a nationwide grid, available to members of a virtual organization. These local resources are intermediate scale clusters, filling the gap between single workstations and the large scale supercomputing facilities of the national It Center For Science (CSC), and the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE).

FGCI stage 1 cluster in Jyväskylä, installed in December 2016 in the Agora Center, has 44 computing nodes, 1056 cores in total. The CPUs are 12 core Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 v3 (Haswell) @ 2.50GHz, with 188 gigabytes of memory per node, and currently about 50 terabytes disk space.

FGCI funding comes from the Academy of Finland and the universities. The Jyväskylä cluster is a joint facility of two faculties:

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

  • Department of Biological and Environmental Science
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Department of Physics (nominally the owner of the cluster)

Faculty of Information Technology

  • Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Mathematical Information Technology 

FGCI stage 2 procurement is already under way, and the new computing capacity should be installed by the end of year 2018. This approximately doubles the current resources.