Research instruments


Technologies required to image and measure both biological and non-biological nanostructures:

  • Microscopes using ligth, electrons and ions as probes, e.g. confocal microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, TEM, SEM, X-ray
  • Microscopes based on mechanically scanning probes, e.g. STM, AFM
  • X-ray Tomography - a method to visualize 3D internal microstructure of inhomogeneous materials (e.g. various porous materials)
  • Equipment for measuring nano-electrical, structural, mechanical, acoustic, thermal, and magnetic properties in low temperature.
  • UV- IR femtosecond laser spectroscopy


A clean room with classifications 100-1000 and other laboratories, with the ability to fabricate nanomaterials and nanodevices using various biological and non-biological materials:

  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • 3D Lithography
  • Electron beam lithography
  • UV lithography
  • Fermentors

Modeling and Visualization

Theoretical support and techniques related to the modelling of nanostructures and the functioning of nanosystems:

  • Powerful visualization and design tools
  • Computational facilities and methods, GRID
  • Supercomputer, SGI
  • BioImageXD - free open source software for analysis, processing and 3D rendering of multi dimensional microscopy images

Research instruments