Anritsu signal generator

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Anritsu MP1763C pulse pattern generator



Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Anritsu MP1763C (2006/2006)

General Information

Pulse pattern generator. The device is used in combination with the Anritsu MP1764C or 1764D Error Detector.

Key Specifications

Operation frequency: from 0.05 to 12.5 GHz

Number of DATA outputs: 2 (DATA / DATA independently)

Data output / amplitude: 0.25 to 2 Vp-p, 2 mV steps

VOH: –2 to +2 V, 1 mV steps

Power: ≤400 VA

Key Features
  • Programmable patterns: 8 Mbit programmable pattern, 4 Mbit alternate pattern.
  • Zero substation pattern.
  • High quality waveform
  • Wide frequency range covers STM 0/STS1 to 10 GbE, STM64/STS192, OUT-2, and 4.25G Fibre Channel
  • Low FM/PM-noise clock generator
  • Differential inputs
  • 1/8 parallel output standard.
  • 8 Mbit programmable pattern corresponding to six frames of STM-64/ STS-192.
  • Complementary outputs for both data and clock.
  • Amplitudes and offsets can be set for all 8 data outputs with 1/8 speed of the fundamental clock signal.
Location, Responsible Person

Nanoscience Center / Kimmo Kinnunen