Anritsu 68367C

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Anritsu 68367C signal generator


Anritsu 68367C synthesized signal generator. (Picture taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Anritsu 68367C (2006/2006)

General Information

Synthesized signal generator. CW and signal generator. The device contains an internal AM/FM/pulse modulation generator. The internal generators offer 7 modulating waveforms, including Gaussian noise and also user-defined arbitrary waveforms.

Key Specifications

Frequency range: 0,01 … 40 GHz

Output power: +13 … +6 dBm

Switching time: less than 40 ms to be within 1 kHz of maximum final frequency

CW mode

Accuracy: internal/external 10 MHz time base.

Resolution: 1 kHz

Analog sweep mode

Sweep width: independently selected from 1 MHz to full range continuous sweep.

Sweep time: from 33 ms to 90 seconds.

Accuracy: The lesser of ±30 MHz or (±2 MHz widths) for sweep speeds of ≤50 MHz/ms.

Phase-locked step sweep mode

Number of steps: variable from 1 to 10 000

Resolution: 1 kHz (min. step size)

Accuracy: internal/external 10 MHz time base.

User-selectable linear or log sweep. In log sweep, step size logarithmically increases with frequency.

Step range: 1 kHz to the full frequency range of the instrument. (If the step size does not mode divide into the selected frequency range, the last step is truncated.)

Step time: from 1 ms/step to 99 seconds/step

Switching time: <15 ms + 1 ms/GHz step size or less than 40 ms

Key Features
  • Several user modes: CW mode, step sweep, analog sweep, alternate sweep and CW power sweep mode.
  • Alternate sweep mode: Sweeps alternately between any two sweep ranges. Each sweep range may be associated with a different power level.
  • Manual sweep mode: Provides stepped, phase-locked adjustment of frequency between sweep limits. User-selectable number of steps or step size.
  • List sweep mode / tables: Under GPIB control or via the front panel, up to 4 tables with 2000 non-sequential frequencies/power sets. List sweep Tables can be stored and then addressed as a phase-locked step sweep. One table of 2000 points is stored in non-mode volatile memory, all other tables are stored in volatile memory.
  • Internal AM, FM, and pulse modulation (øM additional option)
  • Output: Twenty (20) independent, pre-settable CW frequencies.
  • Pulse modulation parameters can be set externally or by the internal pulse generator.
  • Wave forms: sinusoid, square, triangle, positive ramp, negative ramp, Gaussian noise, uniform noise. (Additional option: user-defined wave forms).
  • The Swept Delay feature enables moving target simulation.
  • Stores the current front-panel setting plus nine (9) additional front-panel setups to memory.
Location, Responsible Person

Nanoscience Center / Kimmo Kinnunen