Bal-Tec CPD 030

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Bal-Tec CPD 030 critical point dryer (CPD)


Bal-Tec CPD 030. (Picture taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Bal-Tec CPD 030 (199x/199x)

General Information

Critical Point Dryer (CPD) for drying the specimens. (For example botanical specimens.)

Key Specifications        

Specimen chamber: Ø40 mm x 36 mm
Fluid filling: approximately 70 ml

Cooling range: adjustable 2°C …12°C
Heating range: adjustable 30°C …45°C

Highest permissible pressure

Safety bursting membrane: approx. 150 bar

Operating parameters

Cool down time: approx. 2.0°C/min.
Heating time: NORMAL approx. 3.2°C/min.
Heating time: SLOW approx. 0.9°C/min.

Key Features
  • Automatic heating/cooling system.
  • Digital temperature and analog pressure displays.
  • Fast and easy specimen loading.
  • The device is safe to use. Approved pressure container with bursting membrane and two other independent safety features guarantee absolutely safe operation.
Location, Responsible Person

Department of Biological and Environmental Science; Ambiotica, YAA224.3Petri Papponen