Agilent HP 5890

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Agilent HP 5890 Gas Chromatograph (GC)


Hewlett-Packard 5890 series II (on the left) and HP 5890 series II plus instruments (on the right). (Pictures taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Device #1: Agilent Technologies inc., Hewlett-Packard 5890 series II (1994/1994)

Device #2: Agilent Technologies inc., Hewlett-Packard 5890 series II plus (1994/1994)

General Information        

A gas chromatograph instrument for analyzing the organic compounds.

Kaasukromatografi orgaanisten yhdisteiden analysointiin.

Key Specifications

Auto sampler: HP 7673.

Temperature range: Up to 400°C in 1°C increments

Heated Devices

  • Five heated zones standard: Two detectors, two inlets, one auxiliary.
  • Methods stored: two    

Flame Ionization Detector (FID) (devices #1 and #2); push-button flame ignition.

Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) (only in device #2)      

Back-pressure design permits independent adjustment of split flow rate without affecting column flow.

  • Septum purge built in at 3 ml/min
  • Accepts columns up to 1.2-mm od (outer diameter)
  • Multimode design includes split and splitless injection
  • Splitless purge time variable in 0.01-min elements

Column Oven

  • Operating range: 4 °C above ambient to 450 °C
  • Setpoint entry: 1 °C for temperatures, 0.1 °C for program rates
  • Programming: Rates 0.1 to 70 °C per min, 650 min maximum run time, three ramps with initial/final holds 
Key Features    
  • Single split/splitless injector.
  • INET Communications installed on GC.
  • Auto sampler.
  • Digital Display of Set Points and Actuals.
Location, Contact Person

Both instruments are located at: Department of Chemistry, YSK 444 / Tuija Solismaa