Agilent 7820A

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Agilent 7820A gas chromatography device


Agilent 7820 gas chromatograph. (Picture taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Agilent 7820A GC/FID (2011/2011)

General Information

Gas Chromatograph (GC) with Flame Ionization Detector (FID). The instruments are used for various analyses.

Key Specifications    

Retention time repeatability: 0.06 %
Peak area repeatability: 2 %

Column oven

Operating temperature: from 8°C above ambient to 425°C (general). The operating temperature depends on the analysis to which the device is meant for.
Temperature setpoint resolution: 1°C
Maximum temperature set ramp: 75 °C / min
Temperature programming ramps: 5

Temperature 220 V oven rates
(°C): (°C/min)

50 to 70: 75
70 to 115: 45
115 to 175: 40
175 to 300: 30
300 to 425: 20


  • Electronic pressure/flow control 
  • 425 °C maximum operating temperature
  • MDL: < 3 pg carbon/s as tridecane
  • Linear dynamic range: > 107 range with N2 carrier and 0.29-mm id jet
  • 100 Hz maximum data acquisition rate
Key Features 

Heated Zones

  • Independent heated zones, not including oven: five (two inlets, two detectors, and one auxiliary)
  • Maximum operating temperatures for auxiliary zone: 350 °C
  • Support up to two heated valves
Location, Contact Person

Department of Chemistry

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