UHV evaporator

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Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) evaporator


Name and Model (Year of Manufacture/Installation)

Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) evaporator supplied by Instrumentti Mattila (-98/-98)

System includes:

  • E-gun, Telemark TT 10
  • Cyopump, Cryo-torr 8
  • Ion Gun, Tectra IonEtch GenII
General Information

Growth of metal films.

UHV system is used when especially pure films are needed. Magnetic or insulating materials are not allowed.

Key Specifications       




Key Features

Materials evaporated:

  • Au, Ag, Ti, Nb, Ta, Cu, Al, Bi, V, Ge, Pt, Sn, Pd, Mo, Si
  • 6 materials per time
Location, Responsible Person

NSC clean room,  

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