Impedance spectroscopy setup, self-made

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Frequency dependent impedance spectroscopy setup

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Measurement setups built in-house. (2006/2006)

General Information

Self-made frequency dependent impedance spectroscopy setup. The main parts of the setup are: Janis CCR10 probe station and a couple of lock-in amplifiers. The setup contains also other components or smaller devices.

The setup is currently used mainly for other impedance spectroscopy measurements. (EIS (electrical impedance spectroscopy) experiments may also be possible but might require the updating of the current setup.)

Key Specifications
  • LabView based user interface.
  • Electrical measurements from DC to 67 GHz. (Experiments typically 0-100 kHz.)
Key Features
  • Noiseless and undisturbed system; the setup is located inside an EM shielded room.
  • With the probe station it’s possible to control humidity and temperature.  
Location, Responsible Person

Nanoscience Center, YN 020.1 / Kimmo Kinnunen, Jussi Toppari