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Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Oxford Instruments Kelvinox MX400  (-04/-04)

General Information

Dilution refrigerator with a 8 T superconducting magnet

Key Specifications       


Base temperature 8,5 mK (measured)
Cooling power > 400 uW @ 100 mK
Magnetic field up to 8 T
Max. sample size 90 mm (zero magnetic field)
26 mm (in magnetic field)


Key Features
  • The whole system is located on a separate concrete block mechanically decoupled from the building. Additionally, the cryostat is suspended on anti-vibration supports with the cut frequency 7 Hz.
  • The refrigerator is installed in an E/M shielded room. Only battery-powered analogue front-end electronics is located inside the shielded room. All input/output in/from the shielded room are RF filtered.
  • The custom tailored ultra-low-T insert enables simultaneous mounting of 3 chips (max 12 mm x 12 mm) with 8 contacts each, plus 8 extra lines for auxiliary measurements (e.g. thermometry).
  • The insert is optimized for measuring V(I,T,B) characteristics of nanosize systems with extremely high level of noise reduction: in addition to the shielded room filters - 4 stages of RF noise suppression.
Location, Responsible Person

NSC,  Kimmo Kinnunen

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