Motion Pro X3 camera

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Redlake Motion Pro X3 high speed camera


Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Redlake Motion Pro X3 (2006/2006)

General Information

A high-speed camera.

Key Specifications        
  • On-board storage: 4 GB

CMOS imager

  • Resolution: up to 1280 x 1024 (colour or mono)
  • Sensor array: Area Array with 12µm x 12µm pixels, color or monochrome
  • Fast frame rates: from 1000 fps up to 64000 fps at reduced resolution
  • Dynamic resolution: 59 dB at sensor


Camera control

  • Global Electronic Shutter variable from 1 µs.

X Timing Hub

  • 8 independently adjustable CMOS level outputs, 2 inputs; USB interface

X Data Acquisition system

  • 16 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, USB interface

USB repeater

  • For use up to 15 m


  • Motion Pro software
  • Plug-ins: LabView for PC, MATLAB for PC and Mac; Twain Driver for PC and Mac
  • Filwe formats: TIFF, BMP, PNG, MRF, MCF, BLD, AVI and MPEG. (MOV for Mac only.)
Key Features
  • 100 nanosecond inter-frame time in double exposure mode.
Location, Contact Person

Department of Physics, YFL 149 / Roope Lehto, Joni Parkkonen