Olympus BX51M with MPPI-2 injector and nanomainpulator

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BX51M optical microscope setup


Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Olympus BX51M (2008/2008)

General Information

The setup consists of the following devices:

  • An optical microscope 
  • ASI MPPI-2 injector 
  • A nanomanipulator.
Key Specifications    


Illumination: reflected, dark field

Maximum specimen height: 65 mm (w/o spacer)

Focus: Stroke: 25 mm / Fine stroke per rotation: 100 μm 

Key Features 
  • Olympus BX51M optical microscope
  • ASI MPPI-2 injector
  • A nanomanipulator
Location, Contact Person

Nanoscience Center, clean room / Kimmo Kinnunen