Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb

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Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb 2910TR liquid scintillation analyzer


Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb 2910TR. (Picture taken by Saku Mattila.)

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Perkin Elmer Tri-Carb 2910TR (2013/2013)

General Information

Liquid Scintillation Analyzer for detecting small amounts of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity.

Nestetuikelaskuri. Laite soveltuu erilaisten radioaktiivisten merkkiaineiden kuten [3H], [14C] aktiivisuuden mittauksiin.

Key Specifications
  • Energy range: 0-2000 keV
  • Multi-parameter linear MCA (Multichannel Analyzer) with an effective resolution of 1/10 keV.

Efficiency, Normal Count Mode: Minimum Acceptable

3H 0–18.6 keV                       60%

14C 0–156 keV                      95%

Figure of Merit (E2 /B), Normal Count Mode (NCM):

3H 1–18.6 keV                      180

14C 4–156 keV                      380

Figure of Merit (E2 /B), Low Activity/High Sensitivity Count Mode (HSCM):

3H 1–12.5 keV                       300

14C 14.5–97.5 keV                950

Figure of Merit (E2 /B), Ultra Low Level Count Mode (ULLCM):

3H 1–12.5 keV                       500

14C 14.5–97.5 keV                1400

Observed Background, NCM: Average

3H 0–18.6 keV                       17.3 CPM

14C 0–156 keV                      24.3 CPM


Key Features
  • Patented TR-LSC® (Time-Resolved Liquid Scintillation Counting).
  • MCA (multichannel analyzer) provides multi-parameter spectrum analysis to correct for luminescence, color quenching and background radiation.
  • Live SpectraView™ Automatic spectrum display.
  • Positive sample identification.
  • QuantaSmart™ software.
Location, Contact Person

Department of Biological and Environmental Science; Ambiotica, YAB 224.2 / Marja Tiirola