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QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Bio-Rad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR system (2014/2014)

General Information

A digital PCR system. Droplet Digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) provides high-precision absolute quantification of nucleic acid target sequences. Bio-Rad’s QX200 ddPCR system combines water-oil emulsion droplet technology with microfluidics.

 The system consists of the following devices:

  • QX200 Droplet Generator
  • QX200 Droplet Reader
  • PX1 PCR Plate Sealer

Suomeksi: Digitaalinen PCR-laitteisto geneettiseen tutkimukseen.

Key Specifications and Features       
  • Droplet partitioning by the QX200 Droplet Digital technology reduces bias from amplification efficiency and PCR inhibitors.


QX200 Droplet Generator. (Picture: Saku Mattila.)

QX200 Droplet Generator

  • Starting sample size: 20 μL
  • Capacity: 1-8 samples/cartridge
  • Droplets per sample: 20000


QX200 Droplet Reader. (Picture: Saku Mattila.)

QX200 Droplet Reader

  • Precision: ± 10%
  • Linear dynamic range: 5 orders of magnitude
  • Capacity: 1-96 samples
  • Droplets per 96-well plate: approximately 1500 000
  • Sample illumination: Light-emitting diodes
  • Sample detection: Multipixel photon counter
  • Detection channels: FAM (EvaGreen), HEX (VIC)


PX1 PCR Plate Sealer instrument. (Picture: Saku Mattila.)

PX1 PCR Plate Sealer (components):

  • Heat sealing instruments
  • Plate support block for 96-well plates
  • Sealing frame

Other features:

  • The touch-screen interface of the Plate Sealer instrument shows the instrument status, platen temperature, protocol name, set temperature, and time.
  • Sealing protocols can be stored and easily edited.
  • The sealer can be programmed to automatically shut down after a user-defined period of idle time. Touching the display after shutdown will reactivate the display and the sealer will begin heating to the last set temperature.
Location, Contact Person

Department of Biological and Environmental Science, Ambiotica / Elina Virtanen

  • QX200 Droplet Generator      Location: YAD323.4
  • QX200 Digital PCR Reader    Location: YAD315.1
  • PX1 PCR Plate Sealer            Location: YAD323.4