Rudolph AUTO EL III ellipsometer

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Rudolph AUTO EL III automatic ellipsometer


Name and Model (Year of Manufacture / Installation)

Rudolph Auto EL III (?/2003)

General Information

Ellipsometry is a non-destructive method of measuring the properties of the surface, the index of refraction and film thickness of a dielectric film on a reflecting substrate. Ellipsometre illuminates the surface of a sample with a monochromatic laser light having a known and controllable state of polarization and analyzes the polarization state of the reflected light.

Key Specifications        
  • Operating wavelength 632,8 nm
  • Angle of Incidence 70°
  • Resolution and Accuracy: Polarizer or analyzer 0,05°; Delta 0,1° and Psi 0,05°
  • Light source: HeNe laser
  • Measuring time: 17…50 seconds
  • Thickness Range: 10Å to 3.0µm 
  • Maximum sample size: 150 mm x 150 mm
Key Features
  • Internal data reduction software for single and double layer 
    transparent films
  • Displays film thickness, index, order thickness, substrate N and K on transparent films.
  • An accurate and repeatable measurement.
  • Angle of incidence is variable, manual adjust.
  • Examples of sample materials: Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide thin films, thin metal films, organic films 
Location, Responsible Person

Nanoscience Center, Cleanroom / Tarmo Suppula, Kimmo Kinnunen

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